Best Silicone Water Pipes in Los Angeles (LA)


Silicone is one of the newest smoker-friendly pipes to hit in the demand recently. Silicone is a synthetic polymer made of silicone, oxygen, and other carbon and hydrogen elements. Silicone is a flexible, rubber-like plastic and has several useful properties, similar as low toxin and high heat resistance.Silicone can be twisted, dropped, scratched, and washed numerous times over and will still be totally performing.

Silicone Water Pipes have gained a huge following in recent times. For decades glass pipes have dominated the smoking pipes demand, but silicone bongs, pipes, and dab rigs have begun to catch them. With the advancement of manufacturing methods and the volume of pipes being made rising, silicone water pipes' price has dropped significantly.



The body of the pipe is made up of high-grade, heat-resistant silicone and features a metal bowl screen that can smoothly be cleaned or replaced altogether. Since its silicone body is drop- evidence, even the most accident-prone of smokers can use it without fearing about dropping and breaking it. As an added bonus, this particular silicone pipe features a matching bowl cover, allowing you to preload your herb into the bowl for use on the go, a feature you won’t find with a traditional glass pipe.

Whether you're using a water pipe or a different kind of pipe made from silicone, you may rest assured that the silicone will keep as much as rigorous, regular use. The advantage of the usage of a silicone water pipe over different silicone pipes is the truth that a water pipe uses water to help filter and cool down the smoke.

This silicone pipe now no longer had a water chamber to settle down the smoke, however it also came equipped with a built in ice chamber! Hits had been fantastically clean and easy to inhale, making for an extremely good manner to get effective hits without the crazy coughs. Not to say it also came equipped with a steel poker to unclog your bowl and a built in stash container to discreetly cover and save all of your delicious herbs.

It is not common to discover a piece like this for the price, which made it the most perfect for average performance. This silicone water pipe can be used on the daily, on the go, or even for a smoke sesh with friends !

Why Choose Silicone ?

As previously mentioned, silicone offers many benefits that cannot be achieved with other types of materials such as glass and plastics. Prior to these, most water pipes were made of wood and were prone to rotting and mould issues which made them impractical and unhealthy for long-term usage. While glass and plastics have eliminated the threat of water rot, they came with their own dilemmas.

Silicone is surely a wonder in the smoking world as it's far effortlessly made to resist and disperse heat, in addition to being moulded and effortlessly accessible when it comes right all the way down to cleaning and maintenance. The fact that silicone will never clearly crack or completely destroy you is a practical plus due to the fact making the low-cost investment to move for silicone will prevent money down the line.

Best Durable & Affordable Silicone Water Pipes 

8" Ricky Silicone Water Pipe (14mm)
7.5" Silicone Yoda Water Pipe (14mm)
6" Puffco Silicone Glass Water Pipe

Benefits of Silicone Water Pipes 

Here are some benefits of Silicone Water pipes :

  • Flexibility
  • Silicone is flexible meaning that you can stack it anywhere comfortably without having to worry. It can also bend to fit into any odd-shaped spaces.

  • Durability
  • The silicone is also a durable material meaning that you do not have to worry about them cracking; breaking or shattering like is the case with glass.

  • Easy to clean
  • Anything is easy to clean as long as you know what you are doing, and silicone is no different. And not only is it easy to clean but also you don’t have to run the risk of accidental breakage.

  • Affordable
  • Silicone pipes and bongs are mass produced and this has resulted in low prices as compared to custom glass pipes.

  • Suitable for storing oils and waxes
  • If you are dabbing concentrates, you know how important it is not to waste any of it. You also know how messy it can be. Thankfully, silicone is nonstick and is an ideal vessel to store your concentrates. It does not matter how sticky your concentrate is, it will never stick to the silicone pipe. This makes it easy to scoop it out with a dab tool. 

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