Nectar Collector Kit with Metal Dabber and 10mm Quartz Banger and Carb Cap for Dabbing
Show off your dabbing skills with this Nectar Collector Kit! With a metal dabber and 10mm quartz banger, carb cap, you'll be dabbing like a boss! Don't miss out on this dab-solute must-have!
6" Silicone Grenade Nectar Collector with 14mm Titanium Nail and Metal Dabber
Grenade your smoking experience with the 6" Silicone Grenade Nectar Collector! Complete with a 14mm Titanium Nail and a durable Metal Dabber, this unique piece will have your friends saying, "boom shakalaka!" (That's a smoking phrase, right?) Get ready to...
6” Silicone Nectar Collector Color Printed AK-47 with 10mm Titanium Nail
This 6” Silicone Nectar Collector Color Printed AK-47 comes with a 10mm titanium nail, making it an ideal choice for a convenient and efficient dab tool. The color printed AK-47 design ensures that it stands out from the rest. Enjoy...
8" Silicone Honeycomb Design Nectar Collector with 10mm Titanium Nail
Experience the potency of nectar collecting with this 8" Silicone Honeycomb Design Nectar Collector. The 10mm Titanium Nail ensures both durability and flavor that will satisfy any connoisseur. Enjoy a simple but powerful dabbing experience!
14mm Ceramic Nail Pack of 5 Pcs
Made of high-quality ceramic, this 14mm Nail Pack contains 5 pieces that are designed to last through the most intense vaporization sessions. Perfect for larger concentrates and packing a punch, these nails deliver smooth, flavorful vapor for a great experience.
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