NOTE: ONLY WHITE PASTEL COLOR AVAILABLE Carb Cap Marble Art American Color They come in a bold blend of vibrant colors that can give your outfit that extra splash or your vaping setup that unique look.
14mm Ceramic Nail Pack of 5 Pcs
Made of high-quality ceramic, this 14mm Nail Pack contains 5 pieces that are designed to last through the most intense vaporization sessions. Perfect for larger concentrates and packing a punch, these nails deliver smooth, flavorful vapor for a great experience.
Grilah Swabs 60ct
Discover the elegance of Grilah Swabs, which provide 60 pieces of luxury cleansing to your skin. With a sophisticated design and superior performance, these swabs are sure to become a favorite part of your skincare regimen. Enjoy the luxurious feel...
Silicone Character Metal Dabber (30 Count Display)
The Silicone Character Metal Dabber (30 Count Display) is a versatile and durable tool for dabbing your favorite concentrates. Made with high-quality silicone and metal materials, this dabber is perfect for any concentrate enthusiast. Plus, with 30 count display, you'll...
Grilah Swabs 50ct for dab tools cleaning
Experience perfect dab tool cleaning with Grilah Swabs 50ct. Each swab is specially crafted to provide a thorough and gentle scrubbing, leaving your dab tools spotless. Enjoy a luxurious cleaning experience, with no compromise on quality.
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