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A bong, commonly referred to as a water pipe, is a filtering apparatus typically used for smoking marijuana, tobacco, or other herbal compounds. You may also be familiar with the patois terms bubbler, skylarker, or billy.

They have existed for many years. According to legend, "baung," a Thai name for a bamboo tube used for smoking marijuana, is where the word "bong" originated.

Although modern bongs appear to be much more complex than a straightforward bamboo tube, they all follow the same fundamental procedure.

The size and design of bongs  differ extensively. Some  retain  just a  coliseum and a chamber, which are  veritably simple. Some of them are vibrant, mouth blown  workshops of art.   At the  lapse of the day, they all basically  prosecute the same function filtering and cooling marijuana smog.

Generally, bongs  retain a  bitty  coliseum where  scorched cannabis is kept. The marijuana burns when it's lit.The smog rises through the water and  furthermore the chamber before reaching your mouth and lungs. The  undersurface of the bong bubbles.

While a bong can cool and filter smog to give you a smoother  smash that feels less grating than what you  take from a rolled joint, it will not shield you from the health  enterprises associated with smoking. Still, it might be time to fill it with lovely flowers and set it to repose on a bookshelf, If you've been using a bong  repeatedly. 

Still, experts advise changing to  a different way to ingest it, If you are going to use cannabis recreationally or medicinally.

Depending on your preferences and conditions, other options include CBD sprays,  capsules, oils, and edibles like gummies.

Bong Varieties:

Material and Style are the two most important factors.

A bong is a water- grounded smoking device. A water pipe can be made in a variety of ways. When copping a bong, you should consider two factors, the bong's design and the material it's made of.

1. Bong Beaker

This is a commodity that all relish smokers will honor. Because it's a great design, the imitable teacup bong is a smoking staple. Because the teacup shape is veritably stable, it's less likely to slant over.

2. Straight Tube/ Cylinder

Bong A straight tube or cylinder bong is the other most common type of bong. It's named after its shape, just like the teacup bong. 

3. Bong with a Round Base

Maybe you prefer a Cheech and Chong vibe to your smoking experience. In that case, you will want a bong with a round base. 

4. Bong with Multiple Chambers

Multi-chamber bongs pertain to a variety of smoking accessories, but they all have one thing in common. They all have two or further percolator sets. 

5. Perc Tree Bong

The most common type of perc is a tree percolator. It's what utmost  people mean by" percolator bong."

6. Perc Showerhead Bong 

The showerhead percolator is the alternate most popular perc design. They are lovely.

7. Matrix Bongs

This percolator will blow your mind, just like the movie befitted when you first sighted it in 1999. The matrix percolator is a 360- degree mesh that converts smog into millions of small bubbles.

8. Zong Bong

A break swerve can be further than just a piece of smoking paper; it can also serve as the alleviation for a bong. A Zong is a bong with a z shape. Apart from how cool they look when you hit them, they also have many advantages.

9. Small Bong

Size does count anyhow, of what anyone tells you. Still, you do not always need the largest bong on the block. Mini bongs are a lower interpretation of a traditional water pipe.

10. Bubblers

While a bong is generally pertained to as a water pipe, a bubbler is more nearly affiliated. Bubblers are the baby family of the mini bong, which is the little family of the bong. 

A user's stylish option for water- filtered bank is a bubbler. They bear very little water and can be smoked like regular cigarettes if no water is available. They are generally affordable, simple to use, and come in a variety of styles.  

11. Rigs for dabbing

Dab rigs come in so numerous kinds that we have dedicated an entire section to them.

You must also decide what material your bong will be made of. There is further to it than that.

    • Traditional Glass

You do not have to use glass to make a bong, but there is a reason it's the most popular material for water pipes and stylish for newcomers. The primary reason for this is that glass blowers can produce bongs in a variety of shapes and sizes.

It's also simple to cool down the bank by adding particulars to a glass bong. Diffused downstems, percolators, and ice notches are all possible additions. Glass is available for any type of bong you desire.

    • Glass for Scientific Purposes

Scientific glass bongs are more precious than traditional glass bongs. They nearly always include all of the bells and hisses, similar as a diffused downstem, perc, and ice notches. They're also generally made of thick glass. They're erected to last for times, so do not anticipate finding an introductory scientific glass bong. 

    • Silicone

Silicone corridors are no longer just for toys! The use of smoking- grade silicone is getting increasingly popular. These bad boys are assembled to take a beating. The stylish silicone bongs are dishwasher safe and nearly imperishable.

These are the ideal bongs for a music fiesta. They are various, long- lasting, and small enough to fit in your pack.

    • Ceramic

Although glass and silicone perform slightly better, ceramic is an excellent smoking material. They're less sensitive to changes in temperature. This makes them more durable than traditional glass.

    • Acrylic

For decades, acrylic bongs have been a fixture in frat houses. A standard acrylic bong is nothing special. Nothing further than a straight plastic tube with an essence coliseum.

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