Top 5 Best Glass Pipes in Los Angeles


Glass has special physical characteristics. It is temperature resistant because it conducts heat badly. This will help to overheat. In addition, a glass does not give off any flavour. These pipes are made of glass, an ideal smoking device for those looking for a genuine and mild taste. Residues can be well removed.

Glass pipes have a lot to offer. They are incredibly useful, and they also look great. Every existent can find a glass pipe that seems like a good fit for them because there are so multiple different colours, styles, and designs available.

Glass pipes are simply one of the variations of pipes used for smoking. Besides glass, you may also discover smoking pipes made from metal, ceramic, corn cob, or wood. Though there are lots of substances used, people who smoke often prefer glass pipes due to the fact they permit the smoker to enjoy the unique flavours available from all the unique traces of leaves. With glass pipes, you also have the choice of dry or water filtration (or both) and far more alternatives for unique, personalised design pipes.


What are the Benefits of Glass Pipes?

One of the most important benefits of glass pipes is that the material isn’t flammable and doesn’t add any extra flavour in your smoke. In other words, those pipes are an awesome choice for every person who desires to enjoy the purest smoke possible. Since those pipes are non-porous, they’re also extremely easy to clean and purify .

Smoking out of a glass pipe is extraordinarily convenient and fun. Glass is a super material for making pipes as it doesn’t warm easily, and it does cool down fast in the occasion that it does get hot.

Compared to making pipes out of a few different forms of metal, there may be a completely low risk of burning your hands or lips while you smoke out of a glass pipe. The comfortable experience is also very fun. There are nearly countless different forms of glass pipes in terms of both shape and colour, so the smoker can get lots of variety without sacrificing the smoking experience.


Types of Glass Pipes

Glass pipes take many forms: a few are traditional to cannabis, others are reimagined variations on tobacco-smoking pipes, and a few combine elements from both.

Here’s an overview of the most common pipes

  • Bubblers
  • A bubbler is usually more popular with beginner smokers or those who want a more discreet, versatile smoking experience. The designs and looks are endless. Some styles like our original scientific hammer, sherlock & double chamber bubblers have become so popular, they are a standard in the smoking industry. It’s still small enough to be used as a regular pipe, however it makes use of water, like a bong.

    Fig.5" Mini Bubbler Silver Fume Twisting Frit Art

  • Sherlock Pipes
  • Sherlocks feature a large bowl and an arching stem and are named for their resemblance to the fictional detective’s pipe. Some are called Gandalf instead for their elongated pipes.

    Fig. 12" Glass Sherlock Pipe Slime Color Tube

  • Chillums
  • If you’re simply searching out a simple, low-priced glass pipe, you may find it with a chillum. This is one of the most straightforward varieties of glass pipes, and they’re extremely easy to use. They’re usually created without a carb or choke, that is the hole that people who smoke can use to control the flow of smoke through a pipe. The best downside to that is that it makes it a little bit tougher to absolutely clear the smoke from the pipe. The upside is that it makes those pipes easy to use, even for beginners. Chillums generally come in the shape of a straight tube with a bowl on one end and a mouthpiece on the other end. Simply mild the bowl, inhale, and enjoy.

    Fig. 3.5" Multi-Color Glass Chillum One Hitter

  • Hammer Pipes
  • With a shape like a hammer, hammer pipes are user-friendly and perfectly suited to suit in the palm of your hand. Moderately portable, those pipes are particular eye-catchers, and that they correctly capture the ash in the method of smoking.

    This style commonly functions as a long stem extending quite a lot straight out from the mouthpiece, with a relatively oversized and deep bowl on the other end. Perfect for sitting and seshing, or taking away for an adventure as well, their strong construct and easy-to-deal with nature make Hammer Pipes a fantastic long lasting option. As long as you don’t want to be too sneaky, a pleasing strong hammer pipe may be the first-class preference for you. 

    Fig. 5" Hammer Water Pipe Rainbow Frit

  • Spoons
  • The spoon is one of the most common forms of glass pipes. It gets its name due to the fact it’s shaped extremely like a spoon, with the bowl placed on a part of the spoon you’d use to scoop up your soup or ice cream. There’s usually a small hole known as a carb or choke on one side of the bowl. When lighting the bowl, this hole needs to be covered in order that air can only enter the pipe by going through the material withinside the bowl, filling the pipe with smoke. When the hole is uncovered, extra air is capable of flow through the pipe. This makes it simpler to inhale all the smoke from the pipe without leaving a lot or any left inside.

    Fig. 5" Blue Spike Spoon Hand Pipe

    How to clean a glass pipe ?

    With common use, pipes can increase residue which can result in clogging and impaired smoke flavour. Cannabis users need to plan to clean their bowls frequently to enjoy an ultimate smoking experience.

    There are primary ways to clean glass pipes

  • Boiling a Glass Pipe
  • Put your pipe in cold water in a pot, turning it to get rid of bubbles. Heat the water moderately until it boils and the pipe is cleaned. Let the water reach room temperature and don't be amazed by the pipe with an unexpected temperature change.

  • Cleaning a Pipe With Alcohol
  • Dissolve salt in cleanup alcohol, then soak the pipe in it. You may need to shake the combination with the aid of the use of lightly shaking the pipe in it . If you have continuing resin constructed up on your pipe, you may also want to use a pipe cleaner or something else in addition to the isopropyl alcohol.

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