You are sitting with your friends for a quick sesh, talking and laughing while grinding your buds. Once it is done and ready you start looking for your paper. You search but you can’t quite seem to find it. That smile turns into a look of concern. That is how important your rolling paper is to you. It is a conduit for your quality buds perfectly encapsulating your messenger of good times. 

Even in these modern times with bongs and vaporizers, nothing beats the simplicity of just rolling a joint and lighting it up. 


Traditionally, rolling papers are made out of wood pulp but with growing customer needs and demands. We offer organic pure hemp papers with sugar gum that are natural and non-toxic. Since they are not made from trees, your eco-friendly friend will be very proud of you. The hemp papers are also quite rough and offer a good grip when rolling a joint. 

We also offer thin papers that minimize the amount of residue that is produced as well as the amount of extraneous material, apart from cannabis, that you inhale. 

Additionally, with a huge variety of flavors such as banana, blueberry, cherry, and grape in our inventory, you can make each drag as flavorful as possible. 


We understand that each customer has a unique preference and we carry a wide variety of brands such as OCB, RAW, Elements, Jaspen, among others, to make sure everyone has a choice and no customer is left behind. 

Here, at LA Wholesale KIngs, you can count on us to meet the most basic of your needs with a huge variety of selection. So, why wait? Smoke on, my friend! and look for bong for sale.  

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