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Imagine a high quality, full-bodied flavored draw where every puff counts. With Dab Rigs, you can experience that in reality. Utilizing concentrated wax or oils, the rigs allow you to immerse in the experience without diluting its effect. This advantage over traditional bongs (that utilize buds) has popularized the dab rigs over the past couple of years. 




Cannabis wax, oils or extracts are heated to release cannabinoids and terpenes. These cannabinoids consist of compounds such as CBD and THC, both of which provide relaxing as well as energetic effects based on their respective concentrations. This heating is done using blowtorch or other heating methods. For optimal experience, it is recommended that the heating temperature is kept in the range of 315-440º F. 




Similar to how the roast of the coffee beans affects the flavor of the coffee, the heating temperature affects how much flavor as well as the intensity experienced by the smoker. 


Low temperature dabs (315-440º F) offer more flavor with a smoother finish. This is particularly beneficial when you have a great flavored concentrate, enabling you to experience the full range of flavors. The downside of this is that the concentrate does not vaporize entirely, leaving some concentrate behind. Furthermore, the effect of each draw might be milder than intended. 


High temperature dabs (600-900º F) offer higher intensity and utilize the entire concentrate. The downside is that the draw loses some flavor and might become bitter tasting. 


Based on individual preference, temperature can be chosen to tailor the experience in terms of flavor and intensity. 450-600º F is optimal for those seeking a balance between intensity and flavor. 


Whatever method or concentrate you choose, dab rigs promise to offer you the best smoking experience. But sometimes it’s also about aesthetics. If you care about that too, then check out our collection of bongs

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