A Guide to know about Chillums and One-Hitter


Looking to add a little old school to your smoking experience? A chillum might be the way to go. This traditional pipe is still considered one of the best ways to enjoy cannabis, especially by older generation smokers who remember the glory days that chillum used to enjoy.

Buy a chillum from and you’ll never look back. Keep reading to learn about the impressive benefits of the almighty chillum!

1. Chillums

The Chillum - also known as the Hookah Chillum - is a proven pipe that tends to be a cheaper than some of the more feature-rich competitors on the market today. Chillum is a straight cone pipe of unknown origin, traditionally used to smoke marijuana and opium.
It is a simple tool, sure but equally effective and reliable.
In the simplest terms, a Chillum (pronounced cilam or shillum) is a pipe used for smoking. This straight pipe was used to enjoy opium, marijuana, as well as other narcotics and herbs.
For centuries, people have smoked dried cannabis in a chillum tube, also known as a bat and a one-hitter in today's terminology.

Every smoker should own at least one chillum. A chillum is small enough to fit easily in your pocket. While the basic design of chillums has remained the same throughout history, the materials they are made from have gradually changed and evolved, bringing small changes to the entire experience. For example, the glass chillum cools the smoke much more efficiently and is easier to clean than its wooden counterpart.
Meanwhile, a wooden chillum can be much more ornate and traditional. Generally, chillum is available in glass, wood, soapstone or clay.

The first chillum discovered was the Indian weed pipe or Indian chillum, made out of wood and used in a spiritual context. Stone chillums are cool, and all, but technology has improved the performance. Over the years, the chillum has evolved into the glass chillum pipe, the cigarette chillum, the ceramic chillum, and the metal chillum.
The most common chillum pipes you see today are glass chillum and metal chillums, like the cigarette one hitter.

2.5" Gold One Hitter Spider Chillum 



For those unfamiliar, one-hitters—sometimes called "chillums"—are small, cylindrical pipes made up of metal or glass with a small bowl at the tip. Some of these are designed to look like cigarettes, others come in all manner of designs from rudimentary metal pieces to ornate options for the aesthetically inclined. These discreet and uber-portable numbers allow smokers to blaze up without drawing any unwanted attention, which is just what the doctor ordered when trying to keep things clandestine and chill.


Fig. 3.5" Chillum Quilted Art Double Glass One Hitter 

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