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6" Silver Fume Nectar Collector Concentrate Straw

6" Frit Glass Art Nectar Collector Concentrate Straw with 14mm Plastic Clip and Titanium Nail

7" Pink Dab Straw Nectar Collector

Glass nectar collectors are small vertical tube-like embedded devices. Water must be poured into the device to filter dab. You can simply heat the nectar receiver, then press the tip to concentrate and inhale.

Glass Nectar Collector is also known as a honey straw or dab straw, a nectar collector is essentially a tiny,portable dab rig. Made to be handheld, small enough to fit in your bag, and shaped like a straw, nectar collectors work similarly to their larger cousins, the dab rigs. They allow you to heat, dip, and suck up the vapour from waxes, shatters, and other concentrates.

The best nectar collector is stainless steel with a glass body that doubles as a water pipe for weeding. These units are available in sizes ranging from 3 ml to 15 ml. Smaller models tend to have shorter bodies, while larger ones tend to have longer bodies. Some even include an atomizer attachment, so you don't need to use any additional equipment when using them.

Glass Nectar collectors are great because they provide a discreet method of consuming concentrate without having to deal with messy jars or bags. You simply place it on top of whatever material you want to smoke and then inhale through the stem. It works just like a regular pipe but allows you to consume more concentrated materials than you could with traditional methods.

You can use them to dip essences. Here are some key components of a nectar collector :

  • Mouthpiece: A straw-like glass or silicone mouthpiece with a flared top. It can be used as a straw to sip steam.
  • Tip: Made of titanium, quartz or ceramic, the tip of the nectar collector (usually 10 mm or 14 mm) is heated and applied directly to the concentrate.
  • Concentrate container: A glass or food-grade silicone container used to hold the cotton pad.
  • Water chamber: A colour filter integrated in the body design uses water to filter dab vapour.

Let’s take a look at our favourite nectar collectors!

What are the benefits of nectar collectors?

There are many benefits to using a nectar collector, but the main reasons are convenience, efficiency, portability and discretion. Using a nectar collection allows dab lovers to travel freely without having to pack an entire dab rig setup along with a flashlight and everything to get the job done. With models like the Electric Nectar Collectors, all you need is the device and some wax in a dotting dispenser – it's really that simple. The nectar collection doesn't waste time or waste wax, so in general both new and experienced users have a great experience using the nectar collection.

How to Use a Nectar Collector?

Now, let's get started, shall we?

1. Pour water into the main chamber.

2. Re-attach the mouthpiece and quartz/titanium tip.

3. Heat the tip carefully until it’s glowing a light, reddish colour.

4. Dip the heated tip into your dabs and inhale.

5. Always dab safely and responsibly!

How To Clean A Nectar Collector?

Keeping your cannabis tools clean is essential to ensuring you are enjoying your products to the fullest extent. As for cleaning a nectar collector, this process is also quite simple. You’ll need the following items:

  • Plastic resealable bag
  • Hot water
  • Salt
  • Cleaning agent with 91% or higher alcohol content  

To clean your nectar collector, you’ll want to start by taking apart the mouthpiece, tip, and body, then blowing into the mouthpiece to remove any water inside. You can then get rid of any leftover concentrate inside with a cotton swab.

Then place the head, mouthpiece and body in separate resealable bags and soak them in detergent. Add wine with salt in a ratio of 2:1 and seal the top of the bag. The pads can soak for at least 30 minutes, depending on how dirty they are. After 30 minutes, shake the bag to thoroughly clean each part. If they're still not clean enough, you can soak the parts for the time it takes to clean them. When they reach the desired cleanliness, rinse the parts with water and repeat if necessary.


There are many ways to smoke the concentrate, but some can be dangerous and ruin the flavour of the concentrate. The nectar collector is probably the best way to suck up your concentrate. As the ultimate alternative to dotting, it allows you to dip device-free while enjoying the ultimate taste. 

Nectar collection is available in silicone or glass, which affects your overall dipping experience differently. This device is just one of many ways to enhance your smoking experience.

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