Remember that feeling when you “accidentally” knocked off your mom/dad’s favorite glassware off the dining table and it smashed on the floor? Only instead of everyone shouting “Mazel tov”, you felt dread and disappointment. Now imagine if the same happens to your favorite glass bong. More devastating, right? Well, with our Silicone water pipes, you can rest assured that the joy you get during a smoking sesh will not be marred by accidental knocks by you or your friends. 

Silicone water pipes are BPA-free food-grade silicone pipes that are perfectly bendable water pipes that can be used without the fear of breaking them and the ease of traveling with them. The ease with which silicone can be molded allows a variety of shapes and colors to be chosen. They can be shaped like Rhino, pumpkins, or ice-cream. Furthermore, these water pipes are extremely durable. Barring any flame related stress, these water pipes stand the test of time and constant usage. They are also highly cost-effective offering a great bang for your buck than a glass bong of a comparable price. A possible downside to using silicone hand pipes it that cleaning them requires some extra effort as opposed to their glass counterparts. That being said, if you are willing to make that trade-off and have a Type-A personality, then you get a great value out of these water pipes. 

If it’s variety and color that you are looking for, there is no better place to find them than our silicone collection at LA Wholesale Kings!
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