For anyone unaware, 420 is a cultural term. It refers to the consumption and smoking of hashish or cannabis, usually around 4:20 p.m. Moreover, 420 is also an annual celebration that takes place on 20th April. It is the international day for smoking weed. The celebrations revolve around cannabis. 

Many people worldwide partake in smoking cannabis, especially in the U.S, where the law favors smoking and consuming it for both recreational or medical purposes.  For many people, consuming or smoking cannabis is a way to relax, unwind, declutter the mind, and just be mellow. 

The 2020 pandemic has everyone cooped up inside their homes. For people who love smoking cannabis, being home and being able to smoke cannabis at any time of the day is just the perfect situation. It's a remedy to kill boredom. Even if you're isolated alone, your love for 420 can keep you company. 


420 has become a code to signal marijuana consumption. If you're new, you probably will not be well-versed with what goes on with smoking cannabis. Here are the basics that will guide you through your 420 journey. 

  • The way cannabis works is through the chemical compound called THC- Tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the psychoactive substance that gives you the high. 
  • The first to know is there are multiple strains of cannabis. To make it easier, there are two common strains- Indica and Stavia. While Indica gives you more of a physical high, Sativa stimulates the brain. But there's a third strain, called the hybrid which combines the effects of the Indica and the Sativa. 
  • Have all your supplies ready! By this we mean, you should have a rolling paper, a roach, a grinder, and a pouch to store all these essentials. If you don't like smoking cannabis through a joint or blunt, you can always keep a bong or even a vape. 


Are you wondering how the slang 420 came to be? It all started with a bunch of kids from high school in California in 1971. The phrase was initially called "420 Louis". This meant, when the clock struck 20 minutes past 4, these kids would meet at Louis Pasteur, which is a statue near their high school, and smoke marijuana. 

Even though there are other theories, such as 420 being a police code, this does not seem to be true. The roots of 420 trace back to the high school kids of California. 


2021 is a year still plagued with a global health scare. However, weed lovers not just in North America but worldwide are still planning to celebrate 420. Unlike other celebrations where masses need to gather, you can celebrate 420 in 2021 from the comfort of your home in the light of the ongoing health crisis. 

Generally, people gather, and they share their love for cannabis by smoking or consuming it. But with growing health problems all over, people need to be careful. Share your love for cannabis, and also be a responsible citizen by staying home and celebrating it. If you must go out, protocols are in place to ensure the safety of you and others! 


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