How To Clean Your Smoking Devices: The Ultimate Guide Of 2023


In the ever-evolving world of smoking, keeping your devices clean is paramount for both functionality and hygiene. Welcome to the ultimate guide of 2023 on how to clean your smoking devices! As smoking technology has advanced over the years, so have the methods of cleaning these products. Cleaning your smoking devices is an important step in the smoking process as it ensures that the devices are safe to use and that they are providing the best possible experience for the user. Here are some tips on how to clean your smoking devices in 2023:

1: Gather Your Supplies

Before you start, make sure you have the right tools and materials:

  • Isopropyl alcohol (at least 90% concentration)
  • Salt (coarse or Epsom salt)
  • Pipe cleaners, brushes, or cotton swabs
  • Resin scraper or paperclip
  • Ziplock bags or containers

 2: Disassembly

Begin by disassembling your smoking device, separating components like the bowl, downstem and mouthpiece. This will make the cleaning process more efficient.

 3: Pre-Rinse

Rinse all the parts with hot water to remove loose debris and ash. This step prepares your device for the deeper cleaning ahead.

 4: Soak It In

  • Fill a container or Ziplock bag with isopropyl alcohol.
  • Add salt to the solution; the salt acts as an abrasive.
  • Submerge the disassembled parts in the solution.
  • Seal the container and gently shake it to help loosen residue.

 5: Scrubbing

  • Use pipe cleaners, brushes, or cotton swabs to scrub away stubborn residue.
  • For pipes, employ a resin scraper or paperclip to remove built-up residue.
  • Repeat the soaking and scrubbing process until the pieces are clean.

 6: Thoroughly Rinse

Rinse all the pieces with hot water to eliminate any remaining alcohol and salt. Ensure there's no lingering residue or taste.

 7: Drying

Allow the parts to air dry completely before reassembling your smoking device. This step is vital to prevent any residual alcohol taste.

 8: Reassembly

Put your smoking device back together once all the components are dry. It's now ready for use.

 9: Maintenance 

To keep your device in top shape:

  • Clean it regularly to prevent heavy buildup.
  • Use pipe screens to reduce residue in pipes and bowls.
  • Change the water in bongs and bubblers after each use.

 10: Optional Deodorizing

For an added touch, consider adding a few drops of essential oils (e.g., lemon or peppermint) to your water before smoking for a fresh aroma.


Cleaning your smoking devices is not only essential for maintaining functionality but also for ensuring a pleasant smoking experience. Follow these steps in our 2023 ultimate guide. Thank you for taking the time to read this guide and as always, please enjoy your smoking devices responsibly.

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