Effective Cannabis Packaging: Must Have for Customer-Centric Business


Risking your money on poor-quality containers for cannabis products could create major problems for your company. Packaging that isn't up to the mark can increase the chance of rejection of products, lower the profitability of your business, and reduce the credibility of your brand's reputation with customers. It doesn't matter whether your business is in its start-up phase or is a well-established brand, the packaging made of plastic you choose to use can make a huge impression on customers.

Closures and bottles composed from high-density polyethylene  and low density polyethylene, Polypropylene, and Polyethylene Terephthalate are now widely accepted packaging options in the marijuana industry, it's really vital to choose the topmost packaging for your cannabis product

Cannabis packaging

Want To Stay Compliant? Quality Plastic Packaging Can Make a Huge Difference

The cannabis industry is expanding quickly and is facing many difficult regulatory hurdles. One of the most significant regulations are guidelines for child-safe cannabis packaging options. Each state has their own distinct cannabis regulations that must be followed. Making sure that your product is with child-safe packaging is crucial.

Drug Plastics knows that keeping marijuana that is used for medical or recreational purposes away from kids is the top concern. Many brands nowadays offer a broad range of packaging solutions that are child-safe and conform to the federal and state laws.

Also, be cautious of packaging for cannabis which is made overseas. they could have contaminants in the resin or the colorant that may leak or spill in your product. They might not have proof of origin , or they may not be compliant with FDA guidelines. Although they might initially be cheaper, they can create major downstream issues for your cannabis company. 

Drug Plastics can provide the necessary information for all of our bottles, so you can be confident that the bottles you purchase are made according to strict guidelines to ensure security of customers and your product will not be in any way affected. 

What Boxes Does Your Cannabis Packaging Need to Tick?

  • It must be attractive however, it must reflect the brand's true feel. If, for instance, you're a top firm with a refined and distinct style, then your packaging has reflected this. Everything must be aligned to let the customer know about who you are and what you represent. If however your business is more fun, you could go slightly more to the fun side of the design of your packaging. 
  • Customers want to be able to identify the brand every time they are looking at it. They won't be loyal to a company that has values that aren't constant.
  • Packaging must be strong and be able to serve its function. Customers would like to be able to pack their bags in a matter of minutes. Paper packaging must be durable, and, ideally the packaging should be resealable, so that customers can reuse the original packaging for storage solution. Your customers don't need to be concerned about whether the contents is thrown off the packaging. 
  • It is essential to ensure that your customers are safe. Some people don't want people to be aware of their use of cannabis. Making sure your packaging is representative of your current client base is crucial. Be sure that the packaging is compact enough to hide yet large enough to fit the amount of product it has to accommodate. Make sure that there is a resealable strip present to facilitate storage and freshness, and the product is durable enough to last the duration of. It must also be waterproof to ensure that the contents are dry, fresh and in good shape.

The Leading Cannabis Packaging Examples 

Many countries are allowing the medicinal use of cannabis and more cannabis companies are appearing on the market. Many companies are realizing that they must be competitive and demonstrate to their customers why they're the brand they'd prefer to use. The design must reflect the company's style. But how do you do that? 

You can pick from a variety of designs and packaging options.

  • Paper cannabis packaging -  is usually used in the form of a bag. It is a water-proof kind of substance that keeps the cannabis fresh. It also includes that resealable strip on the top. They are available in various sizes based on the quantity of material contained in the packaging. This kind of packaging offers the user a simple storage solution, but it is also able to be kept in a bag, far from view, without really being in your way'.
  • Glass container enclosed in a box - This kind of packaging offers more security. Naturally, it is a type of packaging that is mostly made for CBD oil for additional safety and security. It is the ideal cannabis packaging option to keep your products clean and safe. It also offers an alternative storage solution that isn't the normal packaging. It is quite easy to break ordinary cardboard when it gets wet, however the glass container keeps the glass in good condition. The packaging is mostly used to promote the product and keep the glass secure during transportation and sales. The design on the outside could be subtle and discrete but it could also be colorful; the decision is yours. 
  • A sealed airtight container - is great for storage, but could be a great gift , too. The packaging that is used as the primary container is ideal for storing flowers, however, the container also helps keep it in good condition and secure. When you are finished with it, you can make use of the container for other purposes. This kind of container could be enhanced with a sale-able box that will give it a more "gift feeling. Jars like this are best with a style that draws people's attention. The vibrant colors and the jazzy appearance are appealing, yet it also retains a subtle style. 

    Like the plastic or glass container inside a box, the airtight jar inside the box is an excellent option to shield the container from being damaged when it is being shipped. The packaging can be susceptible to scratching or dents when tossed around but the box will shield it until it reaches the destination it was intended to be. 
  • Elegant gift-style packaging - will protect the jars. The main box appears to be a display box and the tins are placed together, and they are labeled according to their contents. This is the ideal cannabis packaging for those who love a refined and subtle style.

Always Stick to the Basics

  • Each design that you come across within this post provides a great example of how the most effective cannabis packaging ought to look. The designs are meant for  various types of buyers, which is evident in the pictures, fonts and overall style. Before you begin to think about some of the advanced features of your packaging, you should ensure that the basic guidelines have been met. 
  • It is essential to select high-end products that endure the test of time, last and serve as a useful storage device for your clients.
  • It is also important to ensure that you include an appropriate sealant device on your packaging, in order to ensure that the contents are kept dry and fresh.The material should also be waterproof due to the delicate product within.

The Bottom Line

Once you've got the basic elements set, you are able to focus on creating a visual that best represents your company for the target audience. If you are able to get to know your customers and their needs, they'll be able to keep choosing repeatedly and may even recommend you to their family and friends about you - advertising via word of mouth can mean much even in this modern day scenario.  Don’t just go anywhere to  look for a  smoke shop wholesale and just browse through the LA Wholesale Kings’ wide range of cannabis accessories categories. 

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