Best Smoking Accessories in New York


Sometimes, you just need to treat yourself to something a little extra, something luxurious.

The modern smoking experience involves so much more than merely getting a buzz with a few close friends. 

If you're looking for something to show the oh-so-special someone in your life how much you care, this guide is full of gift ideas for smokers.

We made this list of Smoking Accessories. These can be the perfect gifts to yourself or a special someone. These accessories will assist you continue to be stealthy, keep your weed better and impress your friends.

1. Ash Tray

An ashtray with a lid helps to contain the smell of cannabis smoke. Cannabis smoke can linger in the air and linger on clothing and other surfaces. A lid on an ashtray can help to trap the smoke and odour, making it less likely to spread throughout a room or building.

Simple, practical, ashtrays are the unsung heroes of weed smoking accessories. But they may be greater than just some thing to collect your ash and roaches. Some are truly decorative, some are fun and others are highly practical, with features that make a smoker’s lifestyles easier. They make great, less expensive items too.In short, there are some very cool ashtrays around when you start looking.

Ashtrays aren’t often the most glamorous or exciting smoking accessory to assume about, but they're actually a “must have” for the ones of us that smoke herb, cigarettes or cigars on a everyday basis.

As a smoker, an ashtray is probably your favourite companion, keeping ash in which it belongs and making sure the safety of your cigarettes or different medium when you want to set it down for a moment. A well-designed tip-secure ashtray can dramatically change a smoker’s evening.

Fig. Glass Ashtray Backwoods 6 Pieces per Tray

2. Screens

Glass screens are a great alternative if you want something that can be shined up and reused. These little screens are usually shaped like flowers or jacks.Glass pipe screens are an important tool to have for most glass pipes and bowls. Pipe screens sit at the bottom of the bowl and protect unwanted herb and ash from coming into the pipe and finishing up in your mouth. In addition, they also help maintain the inside of your pipe and bowl cleaner that means less time spent cleaning them.

Glass screens are often shaped to appear to be flora and fit immediately in the bowl. They are secure to use, attractive, and don’t want everyday substitute due to the fact heat doesn’t harm them. They do want to be cleaned, but a simple bath in alcohol and salt leaves them sparkling. Regular cleansing is important, considering the fact that a screen glued in with accumulated tar and stuck-on ash is almost impossible to remove without breaking. Being glass, breakage is an actual issue, or even a chipped screen has to be replaced , however with care, a glass screen can last forever. Glass does price more than metal mesh does, but they may be still a totally affordable option.


Fig. Glass Screen Daisy Design


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