Sherlock Glass Pipe

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12" Rasta fumed Sherlock12" Rasta fumed Sherlock
9" Sherlock Milky Tube9" Sherlock Milky Tube
12” Sherlock with Fancy Handle12” Sherlock with Fancy Handle
5" Gold Sherlock frit and inside twisting5" Gold Sherlock frit and inside twisting
8" American Made sherlock Hand Pipe8" American Made sherlock Hand Pipe
5" Hand Pipe Sherlock Fumed5" Hand Pipe Sherlock Fumed
4" Mini Sherlock Hand pipe4" Mini Sherlock Hand pipe
5" Hand Pipe Sherlock with Locket5" Hand Pipe Sherlock with Locket
6" Blue Tube Sherlock Hand Pipe6" Blue Tube Sherlock Hand Pipe
6" Sherlock Hand Pipe Color Tube6" Sherlock Hand Pipe Color Tube
5" Green Glass Sherlock5" Green Glass Sherlock
3" Mini Sherlock Hand Pipe3" Mini Sherlock Hand Pipe

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